Care Dentistry

What is Special Care Dentistry

Special Care Dentistry is offered to children and adults who are unable to attend a general dentist for routine dental care

Is My Child Eligible?

Special Care Dentistry is offered to children and adults who have a:

- Physical Disability
- Intellectual Disability
- Hearing of Sight Loss
- Emotional or mental health difficulties
- Autism spectrum disorder

Where Can I Access This Service

Dentists at local Health Centres and private dentists who take part in the Dental Treatment Services Scheme

What Treatments Can I Get?

Routine Treatments including teeth cleaning, fillings and extractions

What Information Will I Need To Give The Dentist?

The following is a guideline regarding what information you will need to pass onto the dentist:

- Your child’s medical history including recent hospital stays and known allergies
- Any medication prescribed by your doctor
- Name and contact details of your GP and any Consultant your child attends

Out of Hours Emergency Dental Services

The Dublin Dental Hospital, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, provides emergency dental services on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for severe dental emergencies only from 9 am to 10 pm.

If you need this service, call 01 612 7200 and leave your name and contact number on the answering machine.

HSE Dental Services

HSE Dublin South East

- Loughlinstown Health Centre Tel: 01 282 2122
- Cabinteely Health Centre Tel: 01 289 6195
- Dun Laoghaire Health Centre Tel: 01 280 8403
- Stillorgan Health Centre Tel: 01 217 2918

HSE Wicklow

- Bray Health Centre Ph: 01 274 4100
- Greystones Health Centre Ph: 01 287 7311
- Arklow Health Centre Ph: 0402 40926

HSE Dublin South West

- Crumlin Health Centre Ph: 076 695 7390
- Tallaght Health Centre Ph: 01 427 5045
- Jobstown Health Centre Ph: 01 458 5722

For additional information or assistance please contact The Down Syndrome Centre’s Client Services Manager, Claire Brady on (01) 661 8000 or claireb@downsyndromecentre.ie