Get Ready for School Workshops

This 5 day camp is specifically designed to give a child with Down syndrome, the tools and extra practice they need to ease their transition into primary school.

Functional Skills

We practice many functional skills such as:

  • Lining up
  • Waiting and turn taking
  • Working independently
  • Attention and listening skills

Basic Academic Tasks

We explore some basic academic tasks such as:

  • Pre-writing/colouring
  • Pre-reading/sight words
  • Numeracy

Self-Care Skills

A focus is placed on self-care skills such as:

  • Managing personal belongings
  • Toileting and hand washing

We also consolidate social and play skills


Our next Get Set for School Workshop will run in August 2019.

For more information please contact our Main Reception on or (01) 661 8000.

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